The Mothering Revolution

Reconnecting your mothering instincts for life

I aim to bring the richness of mothering back to its central role in the wellbeing of humankind.
The Mothering Revolution is for women who want to discover, heal and bond with their own mothering wisdom and instincts. It’s not just for mothers.

Mothering is the nurturing of self and others

Including children, adults, businesses, projects, animals, etc – it’s the energy of life. It is expansive, unconditional and supportive without being smothering, controlling or invasive.

Mothering is, of course, a part of parenting, and yet it’s also something even more. It’s a grounded knowing which comes through intuition, insight and empathy – you don’t even have to be a mother to be able to mother. Mothering can include birthing, but giving birth isn’t necessary to connect to your mothering instincts or wisdom.

The Mothering Revolution has been created for you to discover your innate and grounded mothering wisdom, inherent in every woman on earth. Your natural mothering instinct may be dormant, you could even have chosen to switch it off, or you may simply not recognise your natural way.

Your own mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, others’ mothers and society, will undoubtedly have coloured your perception of mothering. Whatever your relationship with your mother is/was, it’s far from being the determining force in your ability to access your maternal instinct or wisdom.

Many women find that major life events force them to confront and examine their own maternal relationships – as a mother or a daughter

These events provide the opportunity to delve into the stories of the women who went before you, and redefine them for those coming after you. The Mothering Revolution gives you the opportunity to heal any wounds which might have been stopping you from your natural maternal inclinations. These events can be, but aren’t exclusively :


– Are you afraid your divorce will forever negatively impact your relationship with your children?
– Do you feel guilty for enjoying ‘me’ time when the kids are with their father?
– Is your divorce bringing up childhood ghosts of the past, feelings of being unwanted or unloved?

Expectant or new mother/grandmother

– Are you anxious you don’t feel maternal?
– Are you overly determined to mother better than your own mother?
– Is your mother more interfering than supportive?
– Do you question your own mothering style and choices now you are, or are about to be, a grandmother?

Mothering growing families

– Is balancing their growth in independence with your need to be right a challenge?
– Did you find it difficult to express yourself easily growing up?
– Do you know who you are beyond child’s name’s mother?

Role reversal

– Have you struggled because you cared for your mother when you were a child?
– As an adult, do you feel that looking after your elderly or infirm mother impacts your relationship?
– Do you have expectations about your daughter looking after you in your old age?

Your child (adult or otherwise) experiences a big event

– Do you feel the need to solve your children’s problems?
– Do you feel anxious that you may have been a negative role model to your children?
– Have your children’s issues resurrected old and painful memories from your own life?


– Do you worry about your mother or child passing and not having said, been, done enough?
– Would the passing of your mother or child be met with relief?

Financial issues

– Is your financial relationship with your mother/child above board?
– Do you expect your mother/child to provide for you in your time of need?
– Do you expect others to provide for you?

Empty nest

– Has your nest never had children in it – wittingly or otherwise?
– Has your sense of identity and purpose gone since your children left home?
– Are you feeling guilty about enjoying your freedom?

Long distance

– Do you feel isolated from your mother/daughter
– Are you escaping a smothering instead of mothering relationship

No matter your circumstances or mothering story, The Mothering Revolution will help:

– Heal any remaining maternal issues
– Reconnect you with the only mother you need – yourself
– Support to find how to express your natural mothering instinct
– Identify the one (or more) truth you may not have noticed
– Help you mature emotionally with less need for approval or acceptance
– Introduce you to the sustainable and unconditional love available to us all

Your first step in The Mothering Revolution is to discover and heal the relationship with your own Mother, even if it was a good one:

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