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Kundalini Reiki healing:

“Omg Jackie I am completely buzzing and I actually felt something shift like I was suddenly lighter and freer and wow .

I actually felt something though!! And my left hand is on fire. And honestly I felt like I was being squished with a hug from a huge something.

Thank you Jackie deep appreciation :)”

“At first I didn’t notice anything and immediately started worrying about how I could give feedback when I don’t feel anything.

This is common for me so I put it aside and relaxed. After a while I got the impression that there was some slight warmth or energy in my hands so I immediately concluded that this was where I was feeling it.

For some reason I had been expecting to feel it in my back. Later on there were times when I felt vibration in my arms. I found that there were moments when I relaxed deeply and my mind went blank, sometimes a yellow/gold circle appeared at my third eye.

I lay still for a bit longer then snapped back into the room quite suddenly and sat up and felt like I had an unusually clear head (usually – if I’ve been trying to “clear” my head of thoughts too consciously, like to get to sleep, I’ll feel even worse and even a little headache-y afterwards).

I continued feeling clear headed and, more than usually, if I think about it, cheery for no reason and energised.”

“After every conversation we have I feel stronger, clearer and able to embrace life as an unknown.”
“I’ve paid your invoice, you are worth your weight in gold!”
“Working with Jackie was great. I was expecting it to take months before I’d see results but in fact I felt so much better after the very first session.

We continued for around 3 months, and my health improved, I regained confidence and I became a happier, lighter, breezier person to be around.”

“Jackie’s approach is a far cry from the mental image I had of traditional “therapy” or “counselling”. There’s no lying around on couches being analysed with a series of painful and probing questions.

What Jackie does is allow you to quickly identify the thoughts at the root of the problem and help you to think differently about them so they don’t hold you back.

It’s not a completely painless process, but Jackie is so warm, easy to talk to and supportive that the experience was much more comfortable than I was anticipating.”

“I would recommend Jackie to anyone that feels as if life is getting on top of them.

There are so many ways this can happen, but I urge you not to keep it all inside. I felt like I was losing everything, my relationship, my friends, my health and myself.

Now I feel ready to take on the world again, and you can too.”

“Yesterday I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Jackie, I have to say that I was completely astounded to realise that what I thought was my ‘issue’ had absolutely nothing to do with what I thought it was.

Happy to go along with what was being raised and discussed, it came to light that I had an old soul part attached to me that was protecting me from fear … sounds like a great thing to have but it was actually stopping me from doing ANYTHING (you know what I mean) – don’t do anything, rock the boat, allow any uncomfortable situation to occur … basically not allow anything that would create any kind of fear in me.

This soul part had been with me for many many lifetimes and had actually been a good friend to me so we agreed she would stay and transmute into love, strength and acceptance. How wonderful!

30 minutes after we finished, a friend popped in to visit. She was astounded at how well and clear I looked. For years I have seen photos of myself and never been able to relate to what I saw. I thought it was vanity – growing older, not wanting to look as I really looked.

Last night we had a family celebration and lots of photos were taken. Guess what! I looked like me! Today people have actually been commenting on how well I look. Having been through many ‘life experiences’ over the last few years, I finally feel that I am back.”

“I would thoroughly recommend a session with Jackie. It was a fun thing to do. ‘Playing’ as Jackie calls it. Give it a try.

I am already thinking about our next session!”

“After spending just a few minutes working with Jackie, I felt this amazing feeling of openness and clarity. I celebrated this feeling with a nap!

I awoke to a phone call from a friend of mine who invited me to an event that would enable me to put my new book in front of a very influential person. I felt no fear or trepidation going to the event, or even while offering my book to this VIP. It’s just what I was supposed to be doing.

Working with Jackie has given me a fresh perspective on where I want to go, and released me from what I had previously thought was holding me back.

For anyone interested in moving forward, getting beyond their issues of stuck, I would HIGHLY recommend Jackie Walker.”

“Jackie Walker’s work is summed up in one word… TRANSFORMATIONAL! Jackie’s ability to help you feel completely at ease while identifying and removing some of the most painful ailments is awe inspiring.

After one session my IBS had cleared up, pain in my pelvis was eased and I could easily identify with previously hidden limiting beliefs and leave feeling lighter, confident and healed.

Jackie Walker with her knowledge of TBT is the fastest, smoothest transition from dis-ease to health I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

“A session with Jackie can be painful, it can be tough and challenging but most importantly, it works. She is one of the most effective coaches I’ve worked with.” – Lea Woodward
“It might seem a bit woo-woo and haven’t a clue how it all works but one thing I do know for certain, whatever it is that Jackie “does” with her emotional surgery, you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

I’m happily pain free after only one short session – total brilliance.”

“You know I was thinking of you the other day, and how grateful I was (and still am) for your kindness when I was feeling low last year.

I felt like expressing that, I will never forget the way you helped an almost stranger who was lost in the dark . We barely knew each other and you just leapt right in and helped stop me from unravelling. That speaks so much about what an amazing woman you are.

I was just thinking how my life has changed and how grateful I am for that. Thank you again.”

“Insightful, caring, talented, intuitive, wise and totally grounded in reality!”
“When times have been tough or I’ve been at the “crossroads” Jackie has proved absolutely invaluable not only as a ‘sounding board’ but also in her uncanny ability to give sound practical advice and always manages to cut right to the heart of a problem, be it practical, spiritual or just good old “sound advice”!

An invaluable part of my business team.”

“Jackie is lovely to talk to, gives sound advice and always leaves you feeling empowered.

Before the sessions I was living on my nerves, feeling totally vulnerable and stressing about the future. Jackie helped me put things in perspective and taught me ways of coping in my current situation and helped me see things from different perspectives. I found it much easier to be open over the telephone and it was much more convenient.

I feel back in control of myself and once this stage has ended, I won’t hesitate to call Jackie again to help me with any future issues. I’m so glad I picked up the phone, straight away I felt comfortable chatting with Jackie and I knew I’d found the right person. Don’t struggle on your own, this lady knows her stuff!

PS: things went a little crazy last week, I had a mini freak, then managed to get myself back to the moment and things seem to be sorting out. If it wasn’t for you, Jackie, I’d have been a complete mess for the whole week!”

“This lovely lady is amazing and will help you any way she can.

I love her comments that people do not have to charge ridiculous rates. Normal people cannot always afford the costs of self development. Its a long journey but Jackie will be there for you.

She has a talent for turning things around and making you believe in you again. Thanks for everything Jackie x”

“IMO, you are a loving agent delivering practical kindness, different than someone just being supportive and nice :)”
“What can I say! It has been the most amazing, emotional, astounding & inspirational thing I have done in my life for many a long day.”
“You have given me the tools to unravel myself, and put myself back together in a way that I can work with. A way that has allowed me to look at me and my life through wide open eyes & to at long, long last understand.

So much has changed in my life in these weeks because of this that i can hardly believe it. new doors & pathways have opened and i feel like a brand new person. Positive, stronger, and much more grounded & relaxed. You have given me the tools to find strength and courage and self belief and so very much more. Wow!

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart dear faerie godmother x x”

“Receiving emails on a daily basis is a fantastic way of keeping on track although I admit to sometimes doing 3 days in a row. For me taking the additional coaching with Jackie was a good decision.

The chance to discuss some of the exercises and gain more understanding was invaluable and worth every penny.

Jackie’s knowledge, humour, easy on the ear Scottish accent made it a pleasure to do some ‘work on myself’ which in the past was sometimes a chore!!

I made progress in areas that I now recognise have been limiting my capacity for life, laughter and love! Thank you Jackie x”

“I started working with Jackie some years ago and she has been on speed-dial for me through all of the difficulties I’ve encountered particularly in the past 3 years so I really didn’t think there would be an awful lot more that she could teach me about the various relationships in my life.

How wrong I was. I signed up to “How to Navigate your Relationships and Love” more out of support for what she does than anything and I couldn’t believe how much I’ve learned during the 30 day programme.

Previously I’d worked with Jackie to try to fix a specific relationship (that didn’t work as both parties wanted something different but Jackie helped make the parting much easier) but now I was interested to learn whether or not I could make even more changes that would benefit all relationships, not just improve the already great relationship I have with my new partner, but improve my relationships with my parents, sibling, business associates and friends.

By working through the programme and having additional coaching with Jackie I’ve been astounded by the result. I actually understand my parents. I’m friends with people I previously thought hated me and I have far greater self-confidence and self-esteem. My relationship with myself has been changed beyond recognition and it’s benefitting every area of my life.

If you think you want to work with Jackie but haven’t yet picked up the phone or placed your order for one of her courses then don’t delay any longer. You owe it to yourself and everyone else around you.”

“I absolutely would not hesitate in recommending Jackie to help others, especially people struggling within a relationship and preferably before it’s too late.

I think perhaps we all hold onto so much pain inside, that if left trapped not only does it not allow you to move forward but the ugliness of the situation will always stay within you locked in the “here and now”. Jackie is someone you can open up to who will guide you through and out the other side.”

“Jackie is a genius. Within the first 5 minutes, and simply by asking 2 or 3 questions, she’d got to the very heart of what has been holding me back for the past 4+ years.

Within 30 minutes, we’d laid the groundwork to overcome some of the huge emotional issues I hadn’t realised I’d been holding on to – and which were holding me back both professionally and personally.”

“I’d thank to thank you so much for the time we spent together this morning. Your instant grasp and understanding of my situation was impressive! I came away with a greater understanding of myself and relationship with the result that I already feel far more relaxed.

Whatever the future holds, I’m confident that I now have somebody who will be there when I need them most. I feel privileged to be at the receiving end of what is quite obviously a gift.”

“I want to let you know about a wonderful lady with whom I spent a very powerful 40 minutes today, and I am grateful from my heart and soul for her assistance… Jackie Walker (the name is by no means a coincidence!) WALKED me gently through a particularly persistent and troublesome sticking point today.

Proof that your Inner Being can guide you, through inspired action or co-creation, to special people like Jackie, if you deem it necessary! Thank you Jackie… you are brilliant!”

“The more I work with Jackie the more I learn about myself. I genuinely could not have got through what has been the worst, most difficult, most stressful and most upsetting two years of my life without her at the end of the telephone to support me.

The best part of it is I am now in a position where I can recognise what I’ve learned not just from the past two years but also from horrendous experiences I’d ‘buried’ from years and year ago, and understand why they happened and move forward with greater enlightenment, trust and confidence than I could have done without her.”

“Jackie Walker remains at the top of my call list – sometimes all I want is a quick 30 second blast of reassurance or a sounding board, other times I need to snuggle into the sofa and talk for much longer but the result is always consistent.
“I finish the call with a greater clarity of who I am, what I am, what I want and need and moreover, how to deal with whatever it is I need to deal with.”
“Jackie is so much more than a mug of coffee – she’s the whole darn, rootin’, tootin’ coffee shop and I have no intention of giving up my caffeine shot anytime soon.”
“I called Jackie when I was in a place so dark and lacking in direction that I just couldn’t see a way through it. Within minutes of calling and introducing myself and my situation I felt, in Jackie’s own words, “able to breathe again”. That in itself was wonderful.

We scheduled a date and time for my first appointment and I looked forward to it with some trepidation. I didn’t really know what to expect and was a bit afraid of what I might find out about myself.

I needn’t have worried! Jackie had a lovely way of directing me, allowed me to vent my frustrations but pulled me back, let me rant, and laugh – a lot!

I have learned techniques which I have, and will continue to, put into practice.

I feel as if I have rediscovered myself, and I really quite like who I am. I just wish I’d phoned Jackie sooner so that I hadn’t wasted so much time in trying to change myself to suit and fit in with other people.

I have learned that I am responsible for my own happiness, and am captain of my own destiny. I can accept what I find acceptable and not what I don’t, and that is entirely up to me.

I have new found confidence and morale, and I am a much happier, content and controlled person than I have been in a long time. I will miss my chats with Jackie – I did end up really looking forward to them as it was just like phoning a good friend for a good old yarn.

Thank you Jackie!”

“I know that you were a very big help in getting me to where I am now two and a half years on. I still sometimes think, ‘What would Jackie have said’. So once again Thank You.”


Where You Can Find Me When You Need Help…

There is no need to feel stuck, hopeless or alone – I am always on the end of a phone (at 07957 307652) or email. Get in touch if you feel I can help you too.