Our services

We offer full-scale medical translation, editorial, proofreading services to your clients, with our professionally educated, native speaking colleagues in all ​Central and Eastern European​ language pairs.

Our services include the translation of all types of medical documents, including, but not limited to, the documents listed below:

  • Application materials
  • Scientific congresses, examinations, lectures
  • Medical articles and other publications
  • Anamneses, lab diagnoses, reports
  • Patient information documents
  • Statements and certificates
  • Protocols, instructions
  • Marketing-, press- and advertising materials
  • Diplomas, certificates, licenses
  • Medicinal products, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical products, instructions and user manuals for medical- and health care equipment

Translation work offered by MedTrans is performed, in all cases, by our colleagues. However, it is important to know that the work process for each document longer than 10 pages is automatically complemented by a translation assistance software.. Since several misbelieves are present regarding this kind of software, we would like to clarify this aspect of our work process. This software merely serves as an assistant to human work and does not mean an IT-based or mechanical translation. In addition, the software ensures an effective performance, both in terms of time and expenses. Memorizing and storing already translated document segments and preparing a memory database assists the translator’s work. The software recognizes repetitions within one document which are professionally and sufficiently translated only once. Furthermore, thanks to the quantity of repetitions, we may offer as much as 90% discount for the final price of your order.

During our work we usually use one of the following translation software:

  • STAR Transit
  • Catalyst
  • DejaVu
  • LocStudio
  • WordFast
  • Accross
  • Passolo

"They are highly professional people and replied you in five minutes as soon as you sent an Email for anything. No matter whether it is day or night time, weekdays or weekend. My experience with them was amazing."

Frank Minton

Product Manager @ Medical Imaging


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