Certified for Translation Accuracy by Medical Professionals

It is clear that the quality of translation services is particularly important in the area of the medical industry. Even a small typological error might cause serious misunderstandings, mistaken conclusions and even the alteration of facts.

The medical industry cannot afford errors.

Considering all this we employ only and exclusively colleagues with over ten years of experience, translating and living in the target language’s mother country, and for each particular medical area we employ specialist physician proofreaders.

Of course, in addition to the work process we pay special attention to the regular quality control of our translated documents, which include the terminology exchanged with our clients, the accurate adherence to instructions, and deadlines.

Our competitive offer includes uniform price offers for all inclusive, high and consistent quality translation, editorial and proofreading works, even in cases of tight deadlines, cases of emergency. Owing to our translation assistance software, our clients may receive special and substantial discounts in case of the repetition of phrases and text segments.

"They are highly professional people and replied you in five minutes as soon as you sent an Email for anything. No matter whether it is day or night time, weekdays or weekend. My experience with them was amazing."

Frank Minton

Product Manager @ Medical Imaging


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