Jackie WalkerI’m a straight talking, no-nonsense, practical personal development guide and coach who also does energy work, healing and all sorts. Yes, they do go together, quite like haggis and neeps! (Neeps are mashed turnip and you know what haggis is don’t you?)

You need solutions which you can use every day, everywhere so that you can create changes which last. It’s not rocket science, some of it may even be common sense, but if it were so common, you wouldn’t be in a dilemma, would you?

I specialise in giving you the tools, mindset and belief system which allows you to get rid of something once and for all. That may be an emotion, a pattern, or a physical pain.

Things I like to share, often:

  • Your personal development is personal to you
  • Personal growth is part of everyday life not a quick fix
  • Break the rules which prevent you being yourself
  • Do only what works for you, then do more of it
  • Strength is not rigid, it’s flexible

Things I like to do, a lot:

  • Blether (talk)
  • Listen
  • Ask questions
  • Drink lemon and ginger tea and red wine (not together)
  • Laugh and cry (sometimes together)
  • Develop curiosity – yours and mine
  • Storytell and use metaphors
  • Get to know you, and what makes you who you are

Things I don’t like to do, now:

  • Waste my breath
  • Worry
  • Pretend
  • Walk in driving rain
  • Eat butter beans
  • Dye my hair
  • Run or jog

Things that make me smile, broadly:

  • Hearing clients change during conversation
  • Having friends with whom I can share good (and less good) times
  • Making choices because it’s the right time
  • Travelling to new places, or old and much loved ones
  • Feeling my heart fill to overflowing with love, at will
  • The sea, oh yes, the sea

Things which might surprise you, or not!

  • If you want perfection from me – I’ll refer you to someone else
  • I have a pile of been there done that t-shirts – they may be just like yours
  • I don’t have a fast car or go with fast men – that may change
  • Daily practices – sleep, swear, walk, wine, meditate, smile
  • I have had 27 jobs and 27 homes – still counting!
  • I’m 5’1”, and weigh c 9 st (56kg), as a teen I was 5’1” and 13 st (82kg)
  • Words which have been used to describe me (not by the same person!) – fearless, eccentric, noisey, generous, funny, psycho, insightful, stunning, wicked, sanctuary, unstable, reliable.


Things which you need to know before you work with me:

  • You will be believed and believed in – I believe and that lets me see what you believe
  • You are given a space where you are not judged – no matter what your story is
  • There’s a way to feel better, together we can find it
  • You are important, simply because you’re breathing. Honestly

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