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Let’s Meet Jackie

When folk first meet me, it’s often with the words ‘Oh my goodness, you’re so small’! I’m all of 5’1.5” and equally petite at a UK size 8.

After they’ve got to know me, they realise that I’m a great metaphor – size isn’t everything! That is, unless you’re sitting on public transport and your feet are dangling a few inches above the floor. Or you have to buy children’s wellies as adult ones are too long in the leg!

After a while, my size isn’t noticed, what they apparently remember, is my energy, laughter, voice and the stories I tell.

Cue – wee story!

Once upon a time, in 1960 to be exact, a baby girl was born in the West of Scotland. She soon had 2 brothers to play with. A few years later the family moved to live on a farm on a Scottish island. They were all sent to boarding school on the mainland. The little girl wasn’t able to go with her brothers as they went to a boy’s school. Still, it avoided her having her hair pulled.

During adolescence, the little girl became a lot less little and her German teacher enjoyed describing her as kugelrund (translation – barrel shaped) – just what you need at 15! Leaving school she refused to go to university and completed a secretarial qualification instead. It wasn’t much help when she worked as an au pair in northern Germany, but came in handy when she worked for the founder of Weight Watchers in Switzerland. The shop assistant role in France didn’t need it, nor did the restaurant and bar jobs in Spain.

Back in Scotland her career remained equally eclectic, from PA to the MD of a large advertising agency to working with the first Scottish online recruitment company in Customer Relations. Then she met a man! After marrying, came two beautiful daughters in quick succession; 2 dogs, 5 new homes and, sadly, the marriage ended in divorce 9 years later.

The divorce experience sent the now 43 year old little woman into a tailspin. She sought help as emotionally she was out of her depth. With coaching, therapy and input from various alternative health professionals, she found a new way of seeing things. She was determined to enter that arena herself to help others in similar predicaments. By 2007 she’d qualified in coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, Timeline therapy, kinesiology, and had a strong spiritual practice.

The little woman still struggled however. Her daughters lived with their father and although she spent time with them regularly, the experience had left her searching and empty. She looked for purpose, identification, worth and a way out of the isolation. She continued to work on herself, attend courses and learn her lessons.

After becoming bankrupt in 2011 she surrendered and stopped searching for answers. This happened after a particularly harrowing dream which illustrated exactly where she was in her life at this point and what the future held. It prompted recognition and acceptance of her worth, identity and purpose being right here, where she was.

By now she was living with, and caring for, her mother whose health was deteriorating. Her business was small and steady. She had everything she needed to allow herself to stop doing and start being what she taught, what she coached and what she knew she ‘should’ be.

In the next 3 years she found a new respect (love) for life, for herself and for those around her. Her daily forays into the countryside where she lived sparked insights, heightened her connection to spirit, and more so to earth and nature. She remembered what it was like for her as a little girl. Joy and wisdom came with that remembering and connection with nature. She began to blossom and her work with clients deepened.

In the summer of 2014, the little woman’s mother’s health worsened.. In the middle of September, her mother joined her father. Although it was sad, the little woman was not sad. She was grateful to have the humbling and profound opportunity to see both her parents to the other side.

This little woman then packed her bags and took off to another part of the country to start a new story.

And that is how I remember some of my story, of course there’s a lot more but this isn’t a book!

Let’s Meet You!

Hello, I’m sure that if I had been telling you my story face to face, you would have had said ‘Me too’! You may have a different context for your story, but you’re probably still searching for that level of surrender.

Conversely, many of my clients want to know how I did what I did, how I coped, how I survived.

I work with women (and men) who are facing big life changes, things which instill sadness, fear, guilt, shame and hurt. I regularly work with people who are anxious about what’s next, or just in case.

Cue – tell me your story …