About You

Are you a woman who is longing to find possibility and choice to give you the opportunity to discover, heal and reconnect afresh with life?

You will find that when you spend time with me, you’ll get:

– The space (and tools) to discover and heal past traumas or negative life events either experienced directly, or passed on to you from preceding generations
– An end to unhelpful patterns repeating
– A choice about whether you want out-of-date or inherited beliefs dictating whether you love your life.
– The chance to show up 100% naturally you in relationships and be loved for it
– To take full responsibility of mothering yourself

By choosing to discover what the issues are and heal yourself, you will be gifting your solution to:

Your future – you’ll love being 100% naturally you
Your children – no more passing on old emotional baggage
Your family – unmet expectations and grievances will stop bothering you
Your world – this is your contribution to the wellbeing of humankind

Nobody but you can heal the patterns or beliefs you have. Will you take responsibility now?

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About Me


In everything I do, I take a down to earth, fun loving approach to exploring and learning more about me, you and the world.

I am inspired by nature, tell stories (Blether), incite laughter and invoke curiosity to add magic and brightly colour my coaching and therapy work which might be dull and heavy otherwise (yuck!).


These are some of the awards I’m proud to own, what awards have you already got and what ones would you like to have? Let’s work together to get your own badges of honour (I have lots to give away)

The Living in Peace Prize

JW_peace-prizeFor 11 years I’ve been steeped in my own education, letting go of the old to allow learnings, awareness, fun and inspiration to step in. I reckon I’m emotionally and mentally c 97% at peace because I take responsibility for me.

The Jackie Walker Master Coach Diploma

JW_awards-master-coachAdmittedly there were very few, if any, other contenders for this. I’m still proud to own it, as I may have been persuaded at one time to turn my back on what I consider my calling in order to make ends meet. I didn’t, but I did end up bankrupt! By choosing to persevere, I do what is so very natural and rewarding to me, it fills me with joy every day and of course, clients love it too!

If you want to know about my formal qualifications – you can find them here

The OopsaDaisy Cup

JW_awards-opposadaisyNever let it be said that I am perfect. I am multi talented at screwing up (from misreading a chap’s intentions, living too long in the waiting room of life, to failing to press record on a Blether Report call with a contributor) but I now know how to ask for help to get myself out of a pickle instead of pretending it doesn’t exist, blaming someone else or going into a month long self flagellation attack.

The Laughter Globe

JW_awards-laughterI have won this award each year since 1960. My laughter has been known to land me with 3 detentions in one week at school, guide people to find me in pubs, cheer up sales staff who have received their latest target figures, reduce training rooms to helpless tears and more than that, frighten my new puppy! Without fail, it’s proven itself to be one of my most potent tools when working with clients and for enjoying life!

The Mothering Revolution Instigator Award

JW_awards-tmr-instigatorI’ve stared mothering in the face from many different angles, particularly acute and obtuse ones. It has taken me 2 years to pick up this work again. I conducted about 70 research interviews and by accident (another oopsadaisy) I took on many of the grievances being shared about people’s mothers. Why? Because I am the parent without care of my daughters, they live with their father and I felt I deserved a hard time!.

Since then, I’ve been through all nooks and crannies to find each emotion I’d previously ignored/played down. I noticed a lack of identity, sense of isolation, and unworthiness. I worked through these and learned the hard way about unconditional love and what mothering really means to me. Ironically, I’ve simultaneously been caring for my mother in her home.

I’m glad to report my angles are now pretty straight and I look forward to sharing with you the steps to put yours to right. (Mrs Roe, my school Maths teacher, would be so impressed I know 4 angles’ names!)

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