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Hello, I’m Jackie, I work with people who find themselves in situations they don’t want to be in, often with decisions they don’t want to make – I support you to find YOUR best way through.

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The Mothering Revolution

Your understanding of mothering may be about to change!  We all have a mother.  Some, but not all, of you are mothers.

The first step in the Revolution is to become aware of the impact your Mother has had on you, whether you had a good relationship with her or not.  Remember, being a mother is not a prerequisite for participating in the Mothering Revolution.

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Blethering introduces the art of talking freely, to explore possibility without the constraints of having to be right and knowing where the conversation is going.

Whether you’re looking for bite-sized nuggets of wisdom or have time to linger over a podcast or blog post, come see where the conversation takes you…

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