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Hello! I’m Jackie; coach, therapist, healer and story-teller.

Scroll down to find guidance on personal development, discovering your true self and reconnecting fully with the world around you – all delivered with a slightly wicked Scottish sense of humour!

The Mothering Revolution

Mothering is the nurturing of self and others, including children, adults, businesses, projects, animals… it’s the energy of life. It is expansive, unconditional and supportive without being smothering, controlling or invasive.

You can take a free course to start reconnecting your mothering instincts for life. Having children is not a requirement – willingness to fully reconnect with yourself and belong to life is.

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Blethering introduces the art of talking freely, to explore possibility without the constraints of having to be right and knowing where the conversation is going.

Whether you’re looking for bite-sized nuggets of wisdom or have time to linger over a podcast or blog post, come see where the conversation takes you…

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If you’re ready to discover your 100% true self, I offer a combination of 1:1 coaching and therapy sessions, Kundalini Reiki, group workshops with a difference (both on and offline) and e-courses.

Be prepared to laugh, cry, love and then laugh some more!

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